Babalwa Mhlauli

Lovelight flower Babalwa


"Never, never and never again shall it be that this beautiful land will again experience the oppression of one by another and suffer the indignity of being the skunk of the world."

Nelson Mandela



Good Morning granny and grandfather


How are you this morning?

I have joy in my spirit as well as tears in my eyes. The thought of you places my entire life right before me as if I was watching a movie based on a true story. The truth is if you hadn't been a midwife during my birth and if you hadn't been the one who would help with my upbringing, I just wouldn't have gotten this far. The minute you passed on I knew I was on my own. My grandfather gave me the solace I needed. He loved me more than life itself yet a girl always needs a mother and you were my mother in every single way imaginable. I felt so loved, loved dearly and deeply by you and my grandfather. It is your love that has brought me this far in life. You can do all things but without love its nothing.


Can a mother forget her nursing child? Can she feel no love for the child she has borne? But even if that were possible, I would not forget you!" Isaiah


I blame nobody for anything whatsoever, if anything I'm grateful for the education my parents gave me, I'm grateful for the lessons I learnt from how they lived their lives. I'm grateful for their triumphs, success and strength against unimaginable circumstances. I'm grateful for everything they have done for me. But I'm also deeply saddened by the things that didn't go well.


My grandmother prepared me for all that lied before me. All the pain I would endure, all the unimaginable abuse and unspeakable neglect I endured in my own home and somehow go through it all over again externally because I was wounded and deeply vulnerable.


I completely agree with President Mandela that;

"Freedom would be meaningless without security in the home and in the streets."


In the spirit of acceptance I've come to realize that all of these unfortunate circumstances have contributed to the person I have become and still becoming. Perhaps I was being taught compassion, greater love, humility above all, the spirit of honor. I can speak this way now because I've been healed and I have a beautiful life in the NOW and a bright future before me. I know one can never ever be completely healed which may be okay because somehow that pain becomes the fuel that accelerates one to breakthrough, time and time and time again. That pain can be used to drive one to attain excellence and reach higher and higher, time after time.


Perhaps the letter I wrote to our Deputy President supports my understanding clearly so I'd like to share it with you.


Sent: Nov 17, 2012 11:28

Subject: Time to heal.


Dear Deputy President


I saw you in the news last night and I was very concerned about everything you spoke about.


The 30 minute news bulletin was rather very alarming and disturbing.

Especially the story about those children who murdered another child. Four of them are said to be homeless.


Those of us who are not in parliament don't know much about how deep the divisions are but nonetheless, the whole country feels the lack of peace, lack of harmony and unity and we are concerned because we care. What affects one directly affects all of us indirectly, I heard these words from Dr Martin Luther King.


What can I do?


This morning I heard a song sung by the mother of the late Whitney Houston which sums up the message I wanted to share with you. A message I hope all of us can listen to and really understand as individuals, as families, as organizations, as the government, as the entire country and our world.


Accept the Lord, build the House!


Except each room is filled with love:


It just can't stand!


Unless the Lord builds the house


It cannot stand!


You gotta have love, unity and peace


Unless the Lord builds the house


The house won't stand


Thank you!


I recognize these words from one of my favorite scriptures, Psalms 127 which says:


Unless the Lord builds the house;

Those who build it labor in vain


Unless the Lord watches over the city,

The watchman stays awake in vain.


It is in vain that you rise up early and go late to rest eating the bread of anxious toil;

For he gives to his beloved sleep.


Behold, children are a heritage from the Lord, the fruit of a womb a reward...


A message from God can heal and unite many in a way we would never comprehend especially when spoken by one who is sent to speak it therefore equipped from on High, therefore the message is rather spoken through the messenger and the messenger a mere vessel.


I've always known that my greatest task was to unite different tribes and nations, to unite people from all walks of life in our beloved Earth, through all the gifts and talents God has bestowed upon me. It comes easy. At times I found myself doing something that seems to be so insignificant to many yet God finds a way to circulate it around the Globe. Like the art and poetry story I produced for the SABC. That story was on tv in S.A for about four days, bought by major networks globally. It was one simple story but God thought it needed to be seen and heard worldwide. I was still teaching myself how to paint and how to create paintings. I only had a handful of paintings but God used the story nonetheless. This is startling to me!


In Port Elizabeth last year I perform my Planet Earth Document at the official opening of the Cradock Four Memorial, everybody was moved beyond measure even people who didn't really understand english were moved. Its the feeling that touches them, something that transcends the language. Minister Jeff Radebe who couldn't really stay throughout the event, stayed to listen to the words I was speaking and the document found itself on two of our news channel. Also expanded in a documentary piece on SABC2.


Words have power, words heal. But they are empty without the works. Moses is known in the bible as the servant of God with Great works, words and deeds.


In corinthians 13 we told,

So now faith, hope, and love abide, these three; but the greatest of these is love.


What will become of us in years to come if peace is not restored in our country today? As young people we are deeply saddened and we appeal to you Deputy President, our leaders in all organizations to please find a way to heal these divisions."


After sending this letter one of the ministers was sent to solve those challenge.


Gratitude takes one home.


Neale D. Walsch writes;


"The way to move out of judgment is to move into gratitude.


This means remaining grateful for every outcome. Every outcome. This is about saying "Thank You, God" for even those things that you are sure you did not consciously choose and that you are very clear you do not want. Somebody once said,

"Happiness is not getting what you want, it is wanting what you get."

That "somebody" was profoundly right.

Gratitude is the miracle cure for every moment of dis-ease. It is the fastest way to dissolve anxiety, to heal disappointment, to replace negativity with positivity. It is the shortest route from a dead-end back to The Path. It is the connecting energy to God. Try it sometime.

The next time you are confronted with any undesired outcome, result, or experience, just stop. Stop right in the middle of whatever's going on. Just...

Close your eyes for the smallest moment and say inside your head,

"Thank You, God."

Take one good, deep breadth and say it again.

"Thank You for this gift, and the treasure that it holds for me."

Be assured that it does hold a treasure, even if you are not seeing it right now. Life will prove that to you, if you give it a chance."


My grandfather was a master of gratitude. I've never ever heard him and my grandmother complain or belittle any human being whatsoever even when they were wronged at times. My grandfather hated it if you treated the servants as less than just because they worked for you. It didn't matter who you were, he would stop you in your tracks if he saw that behavior in you. This is the man who saw an armed policemen touch me inappropriately in our kitchen during school holidays. He  didn't say anything but took his walking stick and beat him up with all his might and strength. The policeman held him at gun point and he fell down. We were all scared, there was no adult in the house. To make matters worse, the policeman was drunk. Anything could have happened but by the grace of God, the worst was prevented from happening. That policeman payed dearly for his actions. He lost everything. He went to apologize to my grandfather. My grandfather's son wanted to do away with him on the spot but, my grandfather ever so loving stopped the fight and said;


"He is apologizing, forgiveness is a big thing you can see that the man is full of remorse and he regrets what he has done!"


My grandfather's love knew no boundaries and he was completely forgiving. He saw that the man had payed dearly for his actions and that was enough for him.


The love and courage my grandparents gave me is a gift that has made it possible for me to stand in places of honor and speak boldly, confidently and lovingly with whomever I encounter. During forced removal my grandparents lost absolutely everything. Remember these were wealthy folks. I was with them the day they were evacuated and had to move from their own place to their son's house in Port Elizabeth. They never ever complained, they taught me what it means to trust fully in God. They lived a surrendered life. I didn't even feel like we lost anything because of their love. We were just so so happy together. I didn't really have many friends growing up, I think in my mind I somehow saw them as my friends because they treated me in such a special way. My grandfather would even sow buttons in my little dresses I think my granny was too sick to do it. But you could see that it was all done in the spirit of love.

When it was hot, my grandfather would fill up a plastic bathtub outside so all the kids could swim. And we'd take turns jumping in the tub spilling the water on our lush green grass. He had a gorgeous garden with lovely flowers and some vegetables. When I was with my parents my heart would be so sick, so sick because I just wanted my grandparents. My mother asked one of their colleagues to take me by train to see my grandparents. Soon as I was with them I think I must have thought I'm in heaven. That's how happy I was. Even as a teenager and as a young adult, long after my granny passed on, I would speak to my grandfather on the phone and he'd tell me how much he missed me. I wouldn't think twice, I would make bookings immediately and rush to go visit him because I'd be missing him badly too. Ohhhh!!! They gave me absolutely everything I needed through their love. And they taught me that;


"Love is a state of Being. Your love is not outside; it is deep within you. You can never loose it, and it cannot leave you. It is not dependent on some other body, some external form."

Eckhart Tolle


My grandmother and her sister once fought a white farmer physically, because he sought to demean them taking away their human rights and dignity. In his mind he knew he was protected by the apartheid regime. They fought back and walked away. They knew that they were created by God, in his likeness and image and nobody would in anyway reduce them and make them feel less than God's golden treasure. They could have easily been murdered but, they didn't care and God was on their side.


"All of life is Divine, and when we treat all life as Divine we will change everything. For how can aspect, how can a single Individuation of Divinity, ever be totally happy so long as any other Individuation is totally unhappy? The answer is, it cannot. And so, we will raise each other up, that we might all experience ourselves, one by one, being 'happier than God'

'I am come that you may have life, and have it more abundantly," said one Master. And the Master-in-You will one day say the same thing. When the earth is thus transformed, person by person, no more will children die of starvation. No more will millions suffer from oppression. No more will nation battle nation. When we treat everyone as Divine, there will be war no more."

Neale Donald Walsch


Nelson Mandela explains further that;

"South Africans have no concept of time and this is also why we can't solve poverty and social problems… It's now 10 years since the fall of the Apartheid government and we cannot blame Apartheid for being tardy."


He warns us that;


"It should never be that the anger of the poor should be the finger of accusation pointed at all of us because we failed to respond to the cries of the people for food, for shelter, for the dignity of the individual."


We see with crystal clarity that he who violates another is actually sick and not functioning as a wholesome human being. Instead of being angry and making yourself sick from anger and bitterness, bless them. Say Thank You God, life is sweet with you in it. Someone once said;

"Time has a wonderful way of showing us what matters."

Nothing is impossible with God. God makes a way where there is no way. He makes a way when He commissions.


Thank You my granny, my grandfather, my parents and everybody who's touched my life and enhanced it to be so fertile so rich and ultra beautiful. Yes I bless the pain too because it served its purpose.


I thank my spiritual partners here and beyond because its God who brought us together for his dreams, plans and purposes. Glory goes to him.


With my grandfather telling me I'm a poet, my granny telling me I'm a princess and clearly one can see and feel grandfather Mandela's spirit in my work, surely they must be marveling, smiling and laughing seeing all that they have done with me despite my challenges which I had to face alone most times.


Since they know and have been deeply wounded by every blow life has dealt me, now I hear them singing in unison,


"Well done our faithful servant, well done!"


"Well done,

Bright Morning Star, well done!"


It is through God's grace that I have lived to share this testimony. My prayer goes to young people and anybody who feels that they are alone. I want them to be strengthened because every little thing will be alright. Hear Bob Marley sing, every little thing will be alright. I have opened up about my life here because many have done so to give me hope and a chance. It is for this reason alone that I speak in order to heal you as I have been healed too.


My grandmother would comfort all of you as she continues to comfort me through the power of these words;


"Fix not your heart upon the things of earth; be anxious not about the things to eat, or drink or wear.

God cares for those who trust in him and serve the race.

Behold the birds! They praise God in their songs; the earth is made more glorious by their ministry of joy; God keeps them in the hollow of his hand,

And not a sparrow falls to earth without his care; and every one that falls shall rise again.

Behold the flowers of earth! they trust in God and grow; they make the earth resplendent with their beauty and perfume.

Look at the lilies of the field, the messengers of holy love. No son of man, not even Solomon in all his excellence, was ever clothed like one of these.

And yet they simply trust in God; they feed from out his hand; they lay their heads to rest upon his breast.

If God so clothes and feeds the flowers and birds that do his will, will he not feed and clothe his children when they trust in him?

Seek first the kingdom of the soul, the righteousness of God, the good of men, and feed, and clothe." Levi Dowling


She would also sing to you, lull you and soothe you till your pain vanishes away. This was the strength, the love and wholesomeness that God bestowed upon my grandmother. A healer, a true blue leader indeed! If you have tried to reach out to me through someone else, know that I didn't receive your message because I would have responded. What you must know is that in South Africa nobody is ever happy seeing someone else succeeds. Families are not immune to this sickness which is killing our nation. After all has been said and done, one is certain of one thing and one thing only;

Strength comes from God.


Go well and may the Lord be with you and bless you.