Babalwa Mhlauli

Lovelight flower Babalwa

Super Model

We the people of God

Are beautiful

We the children of God

Are lovable

We the children of God

Are sweet like syrup

Ripe like peaches

Tender like mangoes

Sumptuous like guavas

We ooze wholesome glory

Voluptuous in the right places

Like pears

Tasty like apples

Delicious like cream and berries

Tender loving like cherries

We smiley smiley

Laughy laughy creatures

Of God's Kingdom

Where we have no need for a thing

We provided for

Tree leaves for beautiful garments

Trees to give us shade

From the brightness of the sun

Lush green grass

Where we Rest



And drink water from the streams of life

For we commanded to be STILL


In His everlasting arms

Of goodness

And loving kindness

We blessed


Blessed forever more

What could we desire?

*wink* *wink*



Upsy daisy :-)

Glory be to The Most High

Praise be to God

Ever lasting gratitude forever more

Big Smile