Babalwa Mhlauli

Lovelight flower Babalwa


Miriam Makeba - Amampondo


The Queen in South Africa. - YouTube


'I have the heart and stomach of a king."

Queen Elizabeth 1

Speech to the English troops at

Tibury, 1588


Squirming with pure delight


Completely surprised

Tears of sadness and joy

So moved


I love it

I've never seen this before

Catching my breadth

How awesome

Thank You Lord

Thank You Khulu and Khulu and Makhulu

Thank You all so much

The love and the warmth is deeply felt

Its so beautiful

It is wonderful

What a surprise

What a surprise

What a surprise

Amazing Grace


There are rare moments in my life

When I come across something

That stirs my soul so deeply

That makes me think about my painful past

Things that touch the core of my soul

Things I never ever speak about

Its only when you recognize these

Experiences in other souls that have experienced such deep pain

Souls that one can relate to

That you able to touch the core

Of your soul

That you able to open up about such experiences

Its cleansing

Therapy is essential,

But one psychologist said one can never be completely healed

Only God can touch one and heal one

So profoundly

Its God's miracle

I couldn't be more grateful

Thank You Lord



"Love begins at home."

Mother Teresa

Nobel Peace Prize 11 December 1979


Miriam Makeba - Amampondo


I first met Miriam Makeba in Cape Town as a teenager. She was awarded an honorary degree at the University of Cape Town. I would meet her in Virginia in my early 20's. I would meet her again just before she passed away in Cape Town. She was always so warm and kind hearted to me. Such deep warmth and so loving. What a gift. All this time, I didn't know I was MaMpondo. Mama Africa was singing this song on tv as I was writing, so I felt I needed to add her here. You know I went to buy her music for my exhibition which was in the Villages of the Eastern Cape. Now I see the King of Pondoland and the entire Kingdom was waiting. As I have mentioned before, when I was organizing the event, whenever I called the school I would ask for Mr Faku. The teachers didn't know Mr Faku, neither did I. So the most famous Pondo King came to fetch me and he must have helped me with this mission. I did everything alone. Every single aspect of the show on my own. Its an impossible mission that was made possible for me. Its not possible to do something like that alone. God is greater than we know.


I was actually thinking about what I'll be writing about this morning for my next page. And it just gave birth to itself. I saw a beautiful song, when I searched for it, I came across the video of The Queen with Khulu and Khulu. I was bamboozled. I lost it! I just couldn't believe what was happening. It is a marvelous gift. Purely wonderful. Feels so good to the soul. Thank You Lord. Thank You so much. I just can't explain how it happened. Its marvelous.


Good Morning Happy heart :-) :-) :-)


How did you sleep? :-)


How are you my little friends?


"Very Happy Thank You." :-) :-) :-)


"We had a lovely day dancing yesterday, the music was so nice.

We sang and we danced like Mahlathini. Nzwakazi loves the way the Mamas were dancing.


She looked at them


and looked at them and she






And danced like that too."


Endless rapture :-) :-) :-)

Chuckles :-) :-) :-)


I wish I could learn to dance thaat fast too.


"You must try. Nzwakazi says she loves to dance, so its very easy for her, because she has a passion for the arts at large."


Rapture :-)


Whooooo what an incredible teacher.


"She's very good, sometimes I go to her when I want to learn some dance moves."

I can't wait to learn, because I love the arts too . :-) :-) :-)


"Today she says she wants to read the story about The Bird man of Soweto, because she loves the environment and wild life. She hopes to encourage her friends to get involved too."




How lovely.


Thank You so much for blessing us with your love and kind heart.


"We thank you very much too for sending us nice songs. We love music."


Mahlathini Mahotella Queens - Kazet -


You so welcome.

Let's recite this lovely prayer together. I found it this morning. I don't know who wrote it, but its incredible


Early Morning Prayer


"You are the glorious morning,

You are refreshment and peace.

You are the sounds as the dawn breaks,

You are the ROSE that smells sweet.


You are the Lord, my creator,

You are the wonder of life.

You are the great words of wisdom,

I read them and fill up inside.


You are the wonderful sunrise,

You are restorer of hope.

You are the air that we breathe now,

You are the warm winter coat.


You are the Lord, my creator,

You are a love without end.

You are all grace and forgiveness,

I stand loved and free as your friend."


May God bless us and protect us. May we have a lovely day.