Babalwa Mhlauli

Lovelight flower Babalwa

Spiritual Mother - Oprah


Past, Present, Future


Dr. Verwoed who was the minister of education during the apartheid regime stipualated under the Bantu Education Act that:


"...A Bantu (african)pupil must obtain knowledge, skills and attitudes which will be useful and advantageous to him and at the same time beneficial to his community. The school must equip him to meet the demands which the South African economic life of South Africa will impose on him. There is no place for him in the European economy above the level of certain forms of labour. For that reason it is of no avail for him to receive a training which has as its aim absorption in the European community. He must not be subject to a school system 'which drew him away from his own community and misled him by showing him the green pastures of European society in which he is not allowed to graze.'


What is the use of teaching the Bantu child mathematics when it cannot use it in practice? Why should girls bother with higher mathematics, or art, or drama, or literature? They could have babies without that sort of knowledge."

Isnt it ironic that in my beloved South Africa and some other places around the world,that some people behold and practice this misguided mentality in this day and age?


Noone's listening dear leaders who seem to have lost the ultimate vision, thus the bigger picture. simply because our mentor is God who tells us that we are His Greatest treasure, therefore through him we can expand as far the eye can see. We hope though that someday you will find your way again and follow the light that leads to loveliness, which fortifies the bridge that leads young people to succeed.


Clearly history holds a record of what young people did when they were violated and deprived of opportunities that they deserve, deprived first in their homes, in their churches, so called churches that are extremely dangerous (some not all) and finally by leaders who have been appointed to serve and move the country forward.


At all times the Hand of God prevails because God is a God of truth and Justice.

He stregnthens and gives power to the meek and weak. He empowered the children of South Africa in 1976 who protested peacefully against the type of education that Verwoed enforced upon them. School children as young as nine were gunned down because they knew that they were being cheated, thus refused to be doormats, simply accepting what was handed to them. To them I am eternally grateful, for they taught me never to settle for less than what i know I'm capable of. I have lived fully against all odds. i have not allowed my background, opposition or circumstances to dictate to me the path God chose for me way before i was born. For He knew me before i was in the womb.


Oprah always says that you can have a dream but God can dream even a bigger dream for you.


Oprah is our spiritual mother. She has two schools in South Africa because she knows our strongest weapon against injustice is excellence forged by a good education.





During the inaugural graduation of Oprah's students, she said, "This is a day of Triumph. It's a day of extraordinary victory for girls who are the first in their generation in South Africa to be born free. The year apartheid ended, and Nelson Mandela was elected President of this country, these girls were born into a nation that said you are free: Free to rise, Free to soar, To be all that you ever could imagine, All that your ancestors believed, All that your ancestors prayed and hoped for, Dreamt and desired, That is what you can be --- and that is what these girls have become at this school. It's a day of victory."