Babalwa Mhlauli

Lovelight flower Babalwa


"God will surround us with shield as in favour."


Aaahhh kumkanikazi

Ahhh ngwekazi

Omabal' akhazimla




Omaphuph' abanzi


Ozwi liphulula umphefumlo

Ntsizwa yakomkhulu

Ozandla ziqhamileyo

Ziphil' isizizwe



Zandla zemvuze mvuze ngobubele

Zandla zisikelelekileyo

Ngokuba esivulekileyo

Sesona sisikelelekileyo

Okwezandla zemvana yaseCalvary

Kumkanikazi owabekwa esihlalwe sobukhosi uselusana


Nemigcobokazi ngobukho bakho

Usisipho emphefumlweni yezizwe

Ngokuba isizwe esingenamama asiyonto

Sihluphekhe emphefumlweni nase nkangelekweni


INkosi yakubumba

Ungumfanekiso omhle weNkosi

The Holy and Majestic God of Abraham

The God of Might and Power

UThixo onocwangco, imimiselo nemiqathango

Ngako konke akudalileyo

Abadala bakubalula

Bakubek' izandla


Ngokuba bava ngomoya oyingcwele ukuba ungumnyangi owakha izizwe

Ixhwele langonaphakade

Igqirha locwangco

Umnyangi ngentliziyo




Izingqi zakho Makhulu zizolile

Ngokuba umphefumlo wakho

Uzoliswa NguBawo, uSoMandla

In His Throne of Peace and Unconditional Love

Phakathi emathunjini obungcwalisa

Sibulel' amathansanqa osipha wona Makhulu

Silo esidlotywa ebukhosini Benkosi

Ebuqhawuqhawulini beNkosi

Amathamsanqa osipha wona ayasandisa

Asenza sizole


Aw Ngwekazi

Egcotyiswa ziingilosi

Ezanzithini zobusuku


Uyintwasa hlobo



Konke okwenzayo



"But ye are a elect race. A royal priesthood, a holy nation, a people for God's own possession. That ye may show forth the excellences of him who called you out of darkness into his marvelous light."


Dear Queen


Its after six in the morning

The sun not so bright this morning

I depend on it

To create master pieces

Its warmth

Its brightness

Its light

Its energy in all its fullness and glory

What can we do without this force of nature?

This is how we are connected to nature and each other

With an invisible umbilical cord that is gentle, yet strong

That is soothing, yet unbreakable

The invisible umbilical cord that is

Our constant source of comfort

Strength and sustenance

Reminding us to share our special gifts and God given talents in order to serve one another


This morning I couldn't stop laughing when I read that in 1951 on a trip to Canada you said;


“My face is aching with smiling.”


I wish I had been born then just to create this painting which would have soothed your aching face. Ha ha ha! What a coincidence, because the very thing I love about it already, is your smiling face. It just makes me happy. It must have been in God's to do list. I love it, love it, love it already!


Your Majesty I read that;


"The Freedom Charter, which consolidates the views of the people of South Africa on the ideal society we want to build when we ultimately get our freedom, summarises the views on education as follows:


"The Doors of Learning and Culture Shall be Opened to All:


- The aim of education shall be to teach the youth to love their people and their culture, to honour human brotherhood, liberty and peace..."


And this is what you taught us the world over.

You are diverse

You've taught us how to embrace unity

You possess a wealth of knowledge, History and culture.

The people's Queen who knows no divisions

Wealthy with History

Richly blessed with energy

You've taught us how to be

beautiful and intelligent

Reminiscent of Isaiah's prophetic words;


"You will be a glorious crown in the LORD's hand, and a royal diadem in the palm of your God."


You've taught us how to be calm and wise in the middle of a crisis

How to shoulder hopes and dreams of nations with ease, grace and tenderness

How to be a soothing balm to nations

When it is mostly needed

It is written that you visited a

a leper colony long before we knew about the AIDS virus

You've tught us

How to love and be a source of comfort to the afflicted

You Tireless

You Tender

You Loving

Lord knows how much we need this love


One writer says;


"Politicians disappoint, disposable celebrity fades,. . .but Queen Elizabeth endures as an institution and personage, a living and breathing repository of history. Just think of the things she’s seen, the great men and women who’ve paid homage, from Winston Churchill to Nelson Mandela, who has always addressed her simply as “Elizabeth""


Your friendship with Khulu enriched us to no end Queen. A genuine heart and unconditional love will always be a far greater gift that nations will always draw strength from.


Another writer says khulu;

"...Was groomed to be a court adviser, an upbringing that helps to account for the dignity and assurance that marked his conduct throughout his life, and that made him feel at home with commoners and queens alike – a quality shown during a state visit to Britain in 1996.


The visit cemented a friendship with the Royal family, the Queen in particular, whom he phoned regularly, addressing her as “Elizabeth”, inquiring after “Philip”, and offering a break in South Africa to the young princes William and Harry after their mother Diana, Princess of Wales, had been killed in a car crash."

I remember seeing Prince Charles and the Princes with the Spice Girls. It was fascinating and truly wonderful. A memory I've carried with me all these years. It afforded us sunshine and hope for the future while we were hard at work, transforming our nation.


Grandpa you said;


"The Queen is a very gracious lady and I'm sure she'll put a country boy at ease." (I couldn't stop laughing. So delightful.)

On the eve of his historic- and jubilant-state visit to Britain, July 1996


I loved reading about how Winston Churchill felt before he met the Queen. Its heart warming!

It is written that;


"The prime minister with most cause to offer the Queen the benefit of his experience was Winston Churchill. After the death of King George VI, in February 1952, Sir John Colville, Churchill’s private secretary, found him tearful and anxious. “I tried to cheer him up by saying how well he would get on with the new Queen, but all he could say was that he did not know her and that she was only a child.”


By 1955, though, Colville recalled: “He was madly in love with the Queen. His audiences had been dragged out longer and longer and very often took an hour and a half [instead of half an hour].”


“What do you talk about?” Colville asked him. “Oh, mostly racing,” he replied.


When Churchill resigned, the Queen wrote in her own hand from Windsor Castle: “I need not tell you… how severely I shall continue to miss your advice and encouragement. It would be useless to pretend that any successors will ever be able to hold the place of my first prime minister.”"

One of my favorite stories ever! Ever! Mhhhh! Thank You Lord.


So lovely to read about the Queen;

"...dancing with abandon on the deck of a ship bound for South Africa in 1947 as she participated in the “Crossing the Line’’ frolics at the equator."


It is said that on  April 18 1955, Sir Winston Churchill, wrote this letter to the Queen;


“I felt the impact of a new personality upon our unfolding history. I regard it as the most direct mark of God’s favour that the whole structure of our new formed Commonwealth has been illuminated by a sparkling presence at its summit.”



Prince Charles made me laugh too when he spoke about how much his sons love to dance. Ha ha ha!


Grandpa Mandela said;

""It is music and dancing that makes me at peace with the world!"


He also said;

Sport has the power to change the world,”

The 1995 Rugby world cup afforded us a rare gift of unity and togetherness for the very first time in the New South Africa.


Today he's giving you and your team that golden smile Prince Harry for enriching our world through your Invictus Games.


“Nelson Mandela was a transformational figure; to say he was a ‘historical figure’ would not give him his full due.


Now, both South Africa and the US have unfinished business to complete. Mandela is not gone, he remains with us always. He’ll always be a chin bar to pull up on. Mandela has indeed forged South Africa as a new ‘beauty from ashes’.


Every now and then a soul of rare vintage comes our way. That by circumstances, sacrifice and suffering, finds its way into the soul of our global culture, the family of man, and calls our better angels to fly. Such a soul is Nelson Mandela.” Jesse Jackson


Dear Prince

Your speech touched me deeply, because it is through the sacrifices of countless men and women that we are free today (let alone our forefathers who fought in World War One and World War Two). Some never lived to experience the fruit of their sacrifices.


"To be free is not merely to cast of one's chains, it is to live in a way that enhances the lives of others." Khulu


Thina saadityaniswa ngootyandyolo

Phambi kobuba sibe sembelekweni

Amadoda ame isigxi

Amakhangal' alaphekhapha

Ediben' enooBawomkhulu bamangesi

Amadod'a ngoyiki kufa

Amadod' anamagxa amakhulu

Ngokuba izizwe zime kuwo

Oongqondongqondo, bemveli

Nabo khange benze intando yabo

Koko balandele umtyathango weNkosi

OoBawo belandela umthetho abawuve eNkosini yoxolo nothando

Leading them ever so gently

With the Holy Spirit

For we know it is not by might

Nor by power

But by His Spirit

His Holy Spirit


The freedom charter stipulated that;


"There shall be peace and friendship."


Queen your aura speaks in volumes. It speaks the words of Marianne Williamson;


"Be a queen. Dare to be different. Be a pioneer. Be a leader. Be the Kind of woman who in the face of adversity will continue to embrace life and walk fearlessly toward challenge. Take it on! Be a truth seeker and rule your domain, whatever it is---your home, your office, your family---with a loving heart.


Be a queen. Be tender. Continue to give birth to new ideas and rejoice in your womanhood... My prayer is that we will stop wasting time being mundane and mediocre... We are daughters of God---here to teach the world how to love...


It doesn't matter what you've been through, where you come from, who your parents are---nor your social or economic status.  None of that matters. What matters is how you choose to love, how you choose to express that love through your work, through your family, through what you have to give to the world...


Be a queen. Own your power and glory!"


Makhulu, God has blessed you with amazing strength. You move with quiet dignity, so selfless, so tireless, so kind and loving. I read that you visited a leper colony long before the world knew there would a disease called AIDS. You continue to be a source of strength to countless people around the world. Lord knows how much we need that.


You once said;


"To many of us, our beliefs are of fundamental importance. For me the teachings of Christ and my own personal accountability before God provide a framework in which I try to lead my life. I, like so many of you, have drawn great comfort in difficult times from Christ's words and example."


And if I were to hear the Lord speak right now, I would hear him say;


“Is not this the kind of fasting I have chosen?


And this is the reason family life is fundamental.


Can nations stand firm, be peaceful and harmonious without a solid foundation, home, family life, which may have nothing to do with DNA in some cases?


"God sets the lonely in families." Psalms


Can nations be united and civilized if there is warfare at home, domestic abuse?


Can nations live in harmony and peace when they are violated by a vast majority of men and women of cloth?


Where does transformation and restoration begin?


It begins at home. Healthy homes are a tremendous blessing to communities. Healthy and happy family members spread wholesomeness throughout the world.

We salute President Obama and President Cameron for taking the necessary steps needed in order to build their nations. Ubuntu demands in order to reach a place of calmness and harmony in our world. Everything will fall in place once the immigration system is well and sound.


"For what affects you directly, affects all of us indirectly." Dr King


In his speech,Mr Cameron said;

“Britain supports the principle of the free movement of workers."


Pres Obama you say;

"Scripture tells us that we shall not oppress a stranger, for we know the heart of a stranger –- we were strangers once, too."


Immigration uyimbumbulu


Ungamadangaty' omlilo

Uyimibane yeZulu

You are Roaring oceans


Dangerous waterfalls

Hailstorms and winds

Heaven Salute!

Fire fire!!!

boom boom bang!!!

Aw Bakithi benithi you'll take the rights of intandane of the Holy One?

Nguban' ibengachith' amabhubezi?


We know that the weak and vulnerable are constantly violated by a vast majority of leaders who are meant to protect them. This kind of behavior upsets Khulu Mandela a great deal. During our transition he was forced to voice out his frustration.


"Mandela’s relations with de Klerk were sometimes fraught, and on one memorable occasion Mandela displayed the steely side to his character. It was at the first session of the constitutional conference, the Convention for a Democratic South Africa, in December 1991.


With the accumulated anger of centuries of humiliation and brutality borne by fellow black South Africans, Mandela laid into de Klerk, calling him “the head of an illegitimate, discredited, minority regime” who was guilty of duplicity, trickery and lying."


It is said that Tony Blair, recalled with fondness Khulu’s visit to Downing Street.


“He was a wonderful man to be around, with a sharp wit, extraordinary political savvy and a lovely way of charming everyone in a building,” he said.


He would delight in making sure that the person on the door or serving the tea would feel at home with him and be greeted by him with the same kindness and respect he would show a leader. So the warmth of his personality was equal to the magnitude of his contribution to the world.”


Today we congratulate the Queen and Prince Philip on their 67th wedding anniversary.


In 1947 the elders joined hands and blessed you on your wedding day, today they bless you again with the same prayer.


"Now you will feel no rain,

For each of you will be shelter to the other.

Now you will feel no cold,

For each of you will be warmth to the other.

Now there is no more loneliness for you,

For each of you will be companion to the other.

Now you are two bodies,

But there is only one life before you.

Go now to your dwelling place,

To enter into the days of your togetherness.

And may your days be good, and long upon the earth.

Apache Blessing


We Salute you Queen for being all that you are, your teachings, your wisdom, your love, your tirelessness which emboldens us and help us see the light even when it rains. We thank your family for sharing you with all of us on Planet Earth. Life is so much sweeter and a constant celebration, because of your shining presence in our lives.


Long live Queen!


Long Live!


May God continue to strengthen you, may He continue to bless you and your family with loveliness, peace and everlasting joy. May He command His angels to protect you and your family wherever you go.


It is said that;

"Compassion is the basis of all morality."


The writer articulates with clarity the true meaning of these words;

"Occasionally, she has weighed duty against fears for her safety. In 1961, the Queen was due to visit Ghana. Bombs had been exploding in the capital Accra, and it was thought that alarmed MPs would vote against her visit.


But the Queen worried only about the possibility of Ghana leaving the Commonwealth and allying with communist Russia. “She is grateful for concerns about her safety,” Macmillan confided to his dairy, “but impatient of the attitude to treat her as a woman.”


She went. The Ghanaian press declared her ''the greatest socialist monarch in the world”, and Ghana remained in the Commonwealth."