Babalwa Mhlauli

Lovelight flower Babalwa


"Your attitude is more powerful than your reputation.


"Your ability to lead depends on the attitude produced by your self-image and self-esteem." Dr Miles Munroe


We love love love this story.


There's something about the way in which one works throughout a lifespan, that is holy and gives so much praise and Glory to God. So I can relate to you Prince William when you say;


"William said the naturalist was "the single most important impact in my conservation thinking".


"I used to love, and I still do, but when I was a young boy, used to love turning on the television and watching David's programmes and really feeling like I was back out in Africa or I was learning about something magical and almost out of this planet,"














Ever since our late father told us stories about Madiba and his comrades when I was about six, I just knew and felt something I've never felt in my entire life.


He was huge part of my existance, a huge part of my life, he was simply a part of me! I mean I can go on but he was always close to me. Its one of God's misteries. Well no one would have believed this. The work we continue to do together reveals a part of this deep mistery. Its not something I talk about.















Nobody knew at the time, but when our late father told us those stories, especially about you Khulu, he simply took me home to you! That's a gift beyond wildest dreams. And this is the reason God made sure I'd come to you and your ancestors, our ancestors before you passed on. Its simply the way it was meant to be! Your granny, the Pondo Princess who ruled Tembuland was behind this. How could she not look out for her Pondo little Princess? I wish I could say more, I cherish this far deeper than I am able to articulate. This is my saving grace! I simply don't know how I could have managed to go on living after you passed on. Unbeknownst to me, you are actually all I knew my entire life. (Well during one of our traditional ceremonies I was called and told that a traditional leader said I must go to Madiba. I wasn't there, so that's the reason they had to call me. I was actually on the floor creating masterpieces right at the beginning of this project. And these, just a handful would go viral. They were a news story. Not entertainment News Globaly! This is what I talk about in that letter I wrote to you in 2012 khulu Madiba.) And that brought me so much joy. I jumped for joy. All I can say is that when someone is your family, one naturally doesn't react the way the world reacts. I'll stop here.


Thank You Lord.


May God Bless you deeply Sir David.

Thank You So Much for your gift which has enriched our lives beyond measure.













An Afrikaner women wrote me a lovely poem.




To make a new beginning

You have to end a Journey


To end something

Takes a great amount of strength


Darkness can control our life

Make sure you walk in the light of his love


Beware that you need God

And Proclaim Him

To Be King