Babalwa Mhlauli

Lovelight flower Babalwa


All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come." - Victor Hugo


A while back I quoted khulu Madiba in one of my essays.(today the mystery is revealed)


He wrote;


"...There was a tremendous advantage in Zeni becoming a member of the Swazi Royal Family: she was immediately granted diplomatic privileges and could visit me virtually at will. That winter, after she and Thumbumuzi were married, they came to see me, along with their newborn baby daughter. Because of the prince's status, we were allowed to meet one another in the consulting room, not the normal visiting area where one is separated from one's family by thick wall and glass. I waited for them with some nervousness.


It was a truly wondrous moment when they came into the room. I stood up, and when Zeni saw me, she practically tossed her tiny daughter to her husband and ran across the room to embrace me. I had not held my now grown-up daughter since she was about her own daughter's age. It was a dizzying experience, as though time had sped forward in a science fiction novel, suddenly to hug one's fully grown child. I then embraced my new son and he handed me my tiny granddaughter, whom I did not let go of for the entire visit. To hold a newborn baby, so vulnerable and soft in my rough hands, hands that for too long had held only picks and shovels, was a profound joy. I don't think a man was ever happier to hold a baby than I was that day.


The visit had a more official purpose and that was for me to choose a name for the child. It is a the custom for the grandfather to select a name, and the one I had chosen was Zaziwe---which means 'HOPE'. The name had a special meaning for me, for during all my years in all my years in prison hope never left me---and now it never would. I was convinced that this child would be a part of a new generation of South Africans for whom apartheid would be a distant memory---that was my dream."


In my early 20's I would meet King Sobhuza's second born son,

King Mswati III. We attended the same event in Washington DC. Now you can see why I'm so deeply moved. Serendipity?"


This meeting with the King was planed and orchestrated by God. Meeting of the Ngwanes. My people are Ngwanes from Swaziland. I can't thank God enough, because I had no idea when I met the King. Only to realize we have the same ancestors. We were deeply humbled by how humble and graceful the King was. It was real,  one felt it instantly and it was a feel that is one with me. I feel it to this day.


Who we are


"We can't understand the great things he does, to his miracles there is no end."