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"In family life, love is the oil that eases friction, the cement that binds closer together, and the music that brings harmony."

Friedrich Nietzche


"The nightmare of the wicked come true;

What the good people desire, they get."



How are you my little friends?


"Uhhhh we overjoyed,


Smiley cookie


Louvre - babalwamhlauli


because our friends in South Africa will now go to school.


We saw on the news the terrible things they've had to endure. What kind of future do they have without education?


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But last night the judges made them very happy.


The Judges said khulu used to ask him;


"Will you take care of me when I'm no longer here?"


(So sad


So sad


Those words shook the very core of my being.)


He said he didn't know what khulu meant but now he sees that this is what he wanted us to do."


"The executors were on Friday making a public announcement of all the cash bequests made in terms of Mandela’s will...


He directed that these funds be used for scholarships and bursaries.


These are the Clarkebury High School in the Transkei‚ Healdtown Comprehensive High School‚ Fort Hare University and Wits University‚ Qunu Secondary School and the Orlando West High School..."



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Executors announce who Nelson Mandela left his money to - Sowetan LIVE


We so happy,


So happy for our little friends.


We want to play here


Do you know this place?








No can't say


Okay let me whisper




How did you know?


"I know because I'm Nzwakazi and I was born on this historic day"


I will always remember that day. I couldn't believe what God did! And I couldn't talk about how I felt because it is so sacred and so BIG! God does these wonderful things that humanity cannot begin to fathom.


"So today let's educate South Africa and people everywhere about the importance of education. Let's remind them where we come from and what it took for us to be here today."


Author : Nelson Mandela


Speech by Nelson Mandela announcing ANC Election victory


2 May 1994


Transcript of delivered speech


Fellow South Africans - the people of South Africa:


This is indeed a joyous night. Although not yet final, we have received the provisional results of the election. My friends, I can tell you that we are delighted by the overwhelming support for the African National Congress.


Within the last few hours, I have received telephone calls from State President de Klerk, General Constand Viljoen, Dr Zac de Beer and Mr Johnson Mlambo, the first Deputy President of the PAC, who pledged their full co-operation and offered their sincere congratulations. I thanked them all for their support and look forward to working together for our beloved country.


I would also like to congratulate President de Klerk for the strong showing the National Party has displayed in this election. I also want to congratulate for him for the many days, weeks and months, and the four years that we have worked together, quarreled, addressed the sensitive programmes, that at the end of our heated exchanges, we were able to shake hands and to drink coffee.


(Khulu after my performance at the Birthday Party of Archbishop Tutu for you and all our elders who continued to sacrifice for our country, their children's future and a happy tomorrow for all, long after our freedom in 1994.


Archbishop introduced me to the audience. An Afrikaaner elder came to me crying. He was so remorseful, full of regret and just utterly wonderful. He told me how touched he was when he watched me performing. He told me about how Helen Zille investigated the death of Steve Biko. I was so moved, so moved.


I can't remember his name Helen, but he told me he had actually spoken to you the previous evening. He's your friend and he wanted to introduce me to you. A wonderful wonderful gentlemen. He was so brave in that he waisted no time. He came to me as soon as I went to my table. Well I should also say that the British Ambassador was just as wonderful. He kept asking me;


"Did have something to eat?"


I said yes


Well I wasn't hungry for food, I was just so full, so full! Something huge had occurred and I was just feeling it!


Well another thing I should say is that I actually felt your remorse too Mr De Klerk. I did. I was truly moved deeply because in that moment I heard what your soul had been longing to express.


Khulu again and again I say you're a prophet and you so right when you say people can be taught to love, because love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite.


Like I said it seems a huge part of my life has been spent sacrificing for greater good. There was absolutely nothing I couldn't do or achieve if these people hadn't been so cruel, literally forcing me to fail, taking my opportunities away, deliberately wanting me to fail! I'm sure you have noticed that people like me don't get bullied! You not my creator!!!

Well what they don't know is that I was born for this! I sacrificed willingly in order to bring peace and order to the land again. In order to expose these things so that people may enjoy the fruits of your sacrifices and all those who came before us.


Never and never again will these black people do to others what they have done to me.


Mama - babalwamhlauli





Helen Zille: 10 Lesser Known Facts About Her )


My congratulation also goes to Dr Zac de Beer, as well as to General Constand Viljoen, with whom I have had numerous discussions and whom I regard as worthy South Africans who are going to make a contribution in the Government of National Unity.


I also look forward to having discussions with the leaders of the liberation movement who have not been able to make the threshold. I will go to my organisation because I got certain ideas. They have suffered together with us. I was in jail with men of…we suffered together in the battlefields, and it hurts me a great deal that they should not be able to have made the threshold which other parties have made. To all those in the African National Congress and the democratic movement who worked so hard these last few days and through these many decades, I thank you and honour you. To the people of South Africa and the world who are watching: this is indeed a joyous night for the human spirit. This is your victory too. You helped end apartheid, you stood with us through the transition.


Delight - babalwamhlauli


Mama - babalwamhlauli



Happy Day to all.


May God Bless us all