Babalwa Mhlauli

Lovelight flower Babalwa


Sunflower you

The heart of a child

So Open



The essence of life

Like a candle that

Lights up the universe

Like a candle light

That represents their endless possibilities

Are we doing enough to restore

Peace and harmony on earth for their future?


Everybody is responsible for what we do

And what we don't do!


It is written that responsible tourism and nature conservation is consistent with

African philosophy and belief that as inhabitants of the land,


"We do not own the but we borrow from future generations."


What are we doing to preserve this freedom that did not come easy?


We will be held accountable!


"Our children are our greatest treasure. They are our future."

Khulu Mandela


Dear Prince George


I'm working on something really, really special. Big Smile! It reminded me of Khulu Mandela. Its full of energy, much love and lots of fun. I've added a piece of writing from Long Walk To Freedom for you. I love, love, love. First let me share with you about how this fantastic book came to be. Because I know how much you love history and how you love to teach and share with your friends all that you see and learn. How you show them your beautiful photos from all those countries that you visit with mama and tata.




Mac Maharaj wrote;


"For the version of Madiba's memoirs I was to smuggle out we used very thin paper and wrote on both sides. Tiny handwriting, yes, because we had to conserve space, but we were already masters of tiny handwriting for clandestine communications between our section of the prison and the communal section. Laloo Chiba became the expert, so much so that his eyesight suffered because we had no magnifying glass. I didn't want to know what happened to the original version in case I got caught, but it turned out that it was buried in the little prison garden.


I did smuggle my version out and sent it off to London when I was house-arrested in Durban. When I left South Africa six months later I went to London and retrieved it from Rusty Bernstein and it was transcribed, although for one reason or another it was never published. About a year after Madiba's release I retrieved the material and gave him a set and that's how it was used as the basis for Long Walk to Freedom."


The last time I captured you in sculpture, you were much younger. You reminded me of Winston Churchill. A baby, yet your ability to touch the soul is immeasurable. So friendly and so so warm. Through you, God has blessed us beyond measure. The world shines! The world smiles!

Uncle Harry also said you're like a little Winston Churchill.

This reminded me of Winston Churchill's words when he described the Queen.


Winston Churchill described Queen Elizabeth when she was two as "a character. She has an air of authority and reflectiveness astonishing in an infant."


The prophet Isaiah said;


"For to us a child is born, to us a son is given, and the government will be on his shoulders. And he will be called Wonderful Counselor, Mighty God, Everlasting Father, Prince of Peace."


A while back as I walked pass a bookshelf in one of the shops, I saw a lovely photo of you in one of the magazines, taken by your mom. I showed it to a female security guard who was standing close by.


I said to her;


Sisi do you see this baby?


She said,



I said;

When you greet him you must ululate and say a few words like a praise singer.


(I'm laughing inside. Ha, ha, ha.)


She says;


"Yhu, why?

A small baby!


I say Yinkosi

(He is a Prince)

The light of the world

Child born king


She says;






I say;

Ewe, you must ululate!

And greet him the same way that praise singers use to greet khulu Mandela.


Does he know ukulilizela?


Yhu a baby, uzakuyazi njani?


(How will he know?)


Deep Laughter!


She refused to believe that she must greet the baby like that.


I was glad!


We believe children should be allowed to have a normal childhood, which is very difficult in some cases. They must be free to play, laugh and have fun with their friends.


The other day she ran to me laughing.


Sisi lababa ukhulile ngoku


Bendikukhanela ndifuna ukubonisa




(The baby is big now, I saw him in another magazine and I wanted to show it to you!)


She was so happy to see how grown the baby is, but she still won't ululate!

Ha ha ha


"And Jesus said to them


Yes, have you never read,


Out of the mouth of infants and nursing babies you have prepared praise."


The other day I sent you a lovely birthday note;


(Prince George I just saw you with your dad on the news. I squirmed with pure delight, because;   


"The glory of the Lord is shining on you (and your dad)"

South Africa loves all of you.   

Thank You for sharing your lives


Uhh your house look so lovely. What do you cook? Pancakes? Giggles.

Yum Yum Yum!

I know Princess Charlotte and Mia Grace are enjoying your special treats!

Ear to ear Smile


Special grandpa!,,20395222_20941249,00.html


"From an early age, I spent most of my free time in the veld playing and fighting with the other boys of the village. A boy who remained at home tied to his mother's apron strings was regarded as a sissy. At night, I shared my food and blanket with these same boys. I was no more than five when I became a herd-boy, looking after sheep and calves in the fields. I discovered the almost mystical attachment that the Xhosa have for cattle, not only as a source of food and wealth, but as a blessing from God and a source of happiness. It was in the fields that I learned how to knock birds out of the sky with a slingshot, to gather wild honey and fruits and edible roots, to drink warm, sweet milk straight from the udder of a cow, to swim in the clear, cold streams, and to catch fish with twine and sharpened bits of wire. I learned to stick-fight--essential knowledge to any rural African boy - and became adept at its various techniques, parrying blows, feinting in one direction and striking in another, breaking away from an opponent with quick footwork. From these days I date my love of the veld, of open spaces, the simple beauties of nature, the clean line of the horizon."

Khulu Mandela


Human beings and animals couldn't survive without the loving kindness and nurturing spirit of Mother Earth. Mother Teresa reminds us that;


"It is not the magnitude of our actions but the amount of love that is put into them that matters."


"Prince William Honors 'Exceptional' Hero in the Fight Against Poachers in Africa",,20395222_20941855,00.html


"The Minister for Environment and Tourism, Mr. Pohamba Shifeta, met Harry last week and tells PEOPLE he has been helping in a program for partially-removing horns from the black rhino. (The horns grow back.) "He was in the field seeing how we are doing the de-horning," says Shifeta.


"It is part of the anti-poaching strategy. Poachers won't come and kill them if there is no horn. There is a team from the ministry doing that and he spent time with them."


He praised Harry for "airing his voice about conservation in the world. In southern Africa, we have the largest population of wildlife today, especially the high value species. His contribution is highly appreciated."


Mr. Shifeta adds, "He is really interested in the conversation of our biodiversity. He is passionate about conservation. It can make an impact."

by Simon Perry,,20395222_20940157,00.html


"We act as though comfort and luxury were the chief requirements of life, when all that we need to make us happy is something to be enthusiastic about." -- Einstein


Khulu I can relate to your childhood a lot. As a kid, we had the entire farm to ourselves every weekend while visiting a relative. We ran around eating all types of fruits straight from trees. Running wild and free!   

So so silly. Just playing and getting up to no good. Adults were inside so we had the freedom to be mischievous. Much fun!   

True Freedom lies in how one lives, day inn, day out!


We lived in Oudtshoorn, very close to the Cango Caves. This is where I learnt about the history and culture of the San People. It was so fascinating to me. It gave me so much peace.


Sometimes we would go to the Wilderness and swim, swim, swim like fish in the ocean. Mr P.W Botha (apartheid president) lived in that area. We would sometimes drive pass his house. This was during apartheid and I must tell you how wonderful some of the white people treated us, as we played carefree in the sand. They were fascinated, kind hearted and lovely. (Even some of the white policemen who harassed us, when I spoke to them, they would change and be humane. This is how policemen behaved when I intervened if I suspected or even witnessed them treating people walking on the streets unfairly. I spoke to them in Afrikaans. They would kind o' resist asking me if I was a judge, but suddenly they would laugh as I continued to speak. And let the people go. They would chit chat, laugh and drive off. There are many incidents where I and my family were out and suddenly I would see people in a police van treated unfairly. (This is post apartheid) At my insistence we would follow them to the police station and I would want to know why they were treated like that and why they were arrested. Friends and family would be shocked as I passionately defended the people. I must have been 17 years old and it just never stopped.)


I remember this one time I stood in front of an empty boat. Suddenly a white family was standing close by with huge smiles that brightened up our little lives. They said we could use their boat. I laughed, delighted to no end. It was nice, swimming and jumping, jumping in and out of the boat. The other kids were scared. They thought that I would sail away and vanish in the ocean depths. Boy, did I get into trouble or what! Ha ha ha! No one in my family had ever been on a boat ride. So they were scared. Nature has a great love for those who love, appreciate and cherish her. Hidden thoughts lay bare before Mother Nature. Until one changes from within, one will never enjoy anything whatsoever in this lifetime.


"Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself." Leo Tolstoy


"As boys, we were mostly left to our own devices. We played with toys we made ourselves. We molded animals and birds out of clay. We made ox-drawn sleighs out of tree branches. Nature was our playground. The hills above Qunu were dotted with large smooth rocks which we transformed into our own roller coaster. We sat on flat stones and slid down the face of the large rocks. We did this until our backsides were so sore we could hardly sit down. I learned to ride by sitting atop weaned calves-- after being thrown to the ground several times, one got the hang of it...


After games such as these, I would return to my mother's kraal where she was preparing supper. Whereas my father once told stories of historic battles and heroic Xhosa warriors, my mother would enchant us with Xhosa legends and fables that had come down from numberless generations. These tales stimulated my childish imagination, and usually contained some moral lesson..." Khulu Mandela


"In judging our progress as individuals, we tend to concentrate on external factors such as one's social position, influence and popularity, wealth and standard of education... But internal factors may be even more crucial in assessing one's development as a human being:

Honesty, sincerity, simplicity, humility, purity, generosity, absence of vanity, readiness to serve your fellow men- qualities within the reach of every soul." Grandpa Mandela


Khulu you describing the portrait of the heart, love, soul, one's being and spirituality.

This portrait epitomizes the heart and soul of our Lord, Jesus Christ of Nazareth.


One may easily take this kind of work for granted. I know exactly what it means to restore hope, well being and joy to the sick. I visited hospitals in order to do this work. I met people on the streets who were sick. And I saw the eternal transformation once God's hand of healing touched them. One of the people who was touched by my healing is Mrs Tutu. She had undergone knee surgery. I took care of her, and her healing was accelerated. Archbishop was abroad, but when he came back, Mrs Tutu was on her two feet without her walking stick, he was shocked. She was so happy and urged me to open a health care parlor.


Health care is a fundamental cornerstone. A nation that doesn't take care of its people lives under the great threat of crime and violence. Consequences of corruption!


"Prince William admitted he was "feeling the nerves" on his first day as an air ambulance pilot.


Speaking after starting at 7am for his first shift, Prince William said he was "fantastically excited" and was looking forward to working with a "very professional bunch of guys and girls".


William will be paid a salary for the role, all of which will be donated to charity."


"As a human being I acknowledge that my well-being depends on others and caring for others' well-being is a moral responsibility I take seriously. It's unrealistic to think that the future of humanity can be achieved on the basis of prayer or good wishes alone; what we need is to take action. Therefore, my first commitment is to contribute to human happiness as best I can."

Dalai Lama


The world was once again full of love and boundless joy during the christening of Princess Charlotte. This is one of my favorite stories.


"The royal mom's affection for classic style and tradition was fully showcased during the Sunday christening of her 2-month-old daughter, Princess Charlotte, from the historic Millson carriage to Prince George's outfit, which was an echo of the one worn by his father, Prince William, in 1984.


"It was choreographed like a movie," Ingrid Seward, author of A Cenutury of Royal Children, tells PEOPLE in this week's issue. "Because Kate has a photographer's eye, she likes to paint a picture and likes to recreate."


"I love the fact that she used the traditional pram that the Queen used for her children," says Seward. "It's lovely. If you are part of a traditional family, then it's very nice to have that heritage.",,20395222_20936313,00.html


This story is of utmost important.,,20395222_20944202,00.html


"Love is a dynamic entity that gently places wings on your soul and allows it to soar." Fadege Jean


God's sweetest blessings, love and protection to all. May God be the invisible shield that constantly surrounds children everywhere. Blessing them with lots of love, endless joy and much laughter.