Babalwa Mhlauli

Lovelight flower Babalwa

Journey - Sojourner Truth

Oh! could I throw aside these earthly bands That tie me down where wretched mortals sigh-- To join blest spirits in celestial lands!

Francesco Petrarch


Dearest beloved granny Truth


How did I come to be cradled by your loving kindness in the sanctuary of Abraham Lincoln?


All I know is that at the blink of an eye, I was plucked out of obscurity to be in the presence of Great Spirits at the Royal Residence of Chief Jongintaba Dalindyebo. The gurardian of President Nelson Mandela who raised him up after his father passed on.


Here I was received warmly by Chief Buyelekhaya Dalindyebo the great nephew of Nelson Mandela. He rejoiced over me with so much love and joy. I was chauffeured in his car to the palace. He was genuinely interested about my well being and commanded that I be taken to the premier of the Eastern Cape Province because he was utterly grateful for the work I had done to rebuild and restore the province by investing my energies and talents in our youth and school children.


Alistar Sparks writes that,

"His father and predecessor as King of the Tembu, Sabata Dalindyebo, was acknowledged by the ANC as a hero of the struggle against apartheid.


This was because of a brave but ultimately futile struggle that he put up trying to block the government of Hendrik Verwoerd from establishing the Transkei as its first black “homeland”.


This eventually resulted in King Sabata having to flee the country and take refuge with the ANC at its exile headquarters in Lusaka – where the then leader, the late Oliver Tambo, honored him by making him an “elder” of the ANC."


Before I traveled to the Royal Residence I had a devine encounter. An elder who was so distinguished and stately, appeared to me in a dream extremely angry at those who claim to be leaders and human rights activist yet dehumanize the poor and vulnerable, who look up to them for deliverance. He was fuming. It is only when I met his son King Buyelekhaya that I came to understand the meaning of the dream. This kind of love is so surreal and as sweet as honey to my soul. To be valued and cherished by ancestors so unconditionally and so deeply. Others seek to violate but God, but God and the good spirits won't have their plans violated. This touches me so deeply. It makes my soul weep. I love you all much so much more.


President Mandela says,


"My political interest was first aroused when I listened to elders of our tribe in my village as a youth. They spoke of the good old days before the arrival of the white man. Our people lived peacefully under the democratic rule of their kings and counselors and moved freely all over the country."

I was brought to this place for reasons unknown to me! Its a blessing one will live to cherish eternally.


Upon leaving the Royal Residence, I traveled to read poetry to the mother of President Thabo Mbeki. Just to serenade her for her service and selflessness as a tireless community builder. Serving has always been the only thing that has always made sense to me. To open up my heart and soul to the needy, giving all that I was created to give. Giving with a joyful heart full of praise and unspeakable joy. In Ma Mbeki I found a kindred spirit. Her warmth, her grace and her love made me feel right at home. She reminded me of my very own granny May. In her I found compassion that I hadn't encountered in a long time. I felt successful and complete. This is what mothers do! They are spiritual teachers of the world, dedicated to the upliftment of all souls under the moon and the stars. She elevated me to a platform I never ever knew existed.


"Top Class!"

Were her last words to me. I don't even know what that means. I'm just grateful that I was afforded the opportunity to bless her heart with sweetness and joy.


This is the province who's history lies in the depth of my heart like sacred scrolls and the book of life that awaits the appointed time for sacred names to be revealed. This is because of the sacrife and the blood shed here to water our freedom for future generations and humanity at large.


Will we hear your name read out loud in that universal space of unity and sacredness in the book of love amongst the names of the dearly departed who still guide us and love us eternally in their state of immortality?


You know I love reading about Gadla Henry Mphakanyiswa, the father of Nelson Mandela who was a chief by both blood and custom. Grandfather Mandela says his father was referred to as a prime minister of Thembuland, an acknowledged custodian of Xhosa history and it was partly for that reason that he was valued as an adviser.


He goes on to say;


"My own interest in history had early roots and was encouraged by my father. Although my father could neither read or write, he was reputed to be an excellent orator who captivated his audiences by entertaining them as well as teaching them."


As an orator and a teacher, I treasure these news more than silver and gold.


In this province i was given the greatest gift of all times. Me back to me. Here I left knowing fully well that I am commissioned and that- that commission will thrive and live to see its brightest dawn of salvation through different lifetimes. This commission will flourish and outlive me. I can rest knowing fully well that he who planted that seed will water it until it bears much fruit for generations yet unborn, globally.


Indeed He who was,

He who is,

He who will always be keeps his word. It goes out to accomplish the very mission he sends it to accomplish.

Yes, his promise reached its utmost zenith as I recited the poem HOPE on Pan Africa Radio concluding the fun filled sermon with President Mandela's inaugural words.


You can rest assured that He commands me to be still proclaims that He will be praised amongst the nations.

"My counsel shall stand, and I will accomplish all my purpose." He says


I've come to understand the core and hidden meaning of these words through the poetry of William Shakespeare as he echoes;


"Give me my robe, put on my crown, I have immortal longings in me."


Yes it is true that in my walks great spirits took me to fertile grounds, where one is fed the word of life and spring waters of life. "For man cannot live on bread alone but needs every word that God speaks."


I found myself nestling on the bosom of Sojourner Truth. I have no idea how, only God knows. Harriet Tubman held my hand and took me to greener pastures. Surely the good Lord is my shephered, I shall not want.


I found myself in paradise with Frederick Douglass watching over us so lovingly, silently singing sweet praises to God, saying to all of us,


I got your back!


With me, you have found your true home.


You are safe here.


No more pain, no more tears! All things are brand new now!






Peace of mind I leave with you as a gift from all of us who came to pave the way for you. Its all done. Wear your crown with pride, joy and gratitude. We won great victories for you so you could stand erect. Let no man oppress you in anyway. We came to free you for good!


To you oh Lord, I surrender.

I'm in harmony with the oneness of life!Through you I came to be thus, I lay my spirit in your hands.

My mission begins and ends with you Lord.


Glory, salvation and honor belongs to you oh God.


Amen, Amen and Amen!




Sojourner Truth