Babalwa Mhlauli

Lovelight flower Babalwa

Scelo Mhlauli - Mission Accomplished

Dear Tata,


Its been a while but it feels like yesterday.

I can still hear your joyful laughter. It was just so contagious.


We Thank You for being our father and for being a wonderful father to your entire community. You taught us how to be, not so much as in giving us lessons, it was your nature, how you moved, your humbleness, and your complete respect for your family and the members of your community.


Everybody addressed you as Mfundisi (Reverend) because of your complete reverence for the human spirit. You inspired us, we looked up to you. You'd be so proud of us today. I absolutely loved your leadership. The leader who's emblem was love. I learnt history from you. I still remember your face and complete awe and fascination when you spoke about Grandfather Walter Sisulu, Grandfather Nelson Mandela, Grandfather Oliver Tambo, Grandfather Albert Luthuli and many others. I remember the stories to this day. Unbeknowst to us that in your midst was a young miss who'd one day be The Voice of The Nation in Reconstructing and Rebuilding our country through Peace and Reconciliation. The Voice in The Makimg of New South Africa. I wasn't chosen by anybody but rather handpicked by God. Quite astonishing really as I think about that 19 year old who first of all demanded that she and her brother must be allowed to travel with their mother so they could support her during the very first hearings of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission. This feisty 19 year old asks the commissioners to allow her to speak. They were stunned. It was God's doing. That testimony circulated in the four corners of planet earth, it became headlines in the newspaper of the oppressor. God is amazing. His thoughts are much higher than human thoughts.


I'm here to let the world know about you Tata since history writers have not done a great job in telling your story, our story. Since much of what we know as a family and those you worked closely with is still pretty much unknown. We are here to do right everything that has been said which does not represent the person God called you to be, thus everything you've done to fight the apartheid government.


We are extremely proud of you Tata. You looked death in the eye and fought to the bitter end for the cause of truth justice. Thank You for your courage and bravery Cradock Four.


One of the things Grandfather Nelson Mandela did when he was in office, was to travel to Cradock to honor the Cradock Four. President Jacob Zuma also traveled to Cradock to honor them, and this is heart warming. Your death will never ever be in vain. We are determined to live out our lives to the best of our abilities and to fulfill our calling no matter the odds that we may encounter along the way. We have you as our angels to protect us from evil human beings, to guide us when others seek to mislead us, to walk with us to greener pastures when others seek to steal from us in hopes of elevating and enriching themselves. Still we will march on to the greater light of love that will restore us, compensate and bless us with the fullness of life and the fullness of joy.


We Salute You All, Beloved Fathers.

May you rest in peace forevermore.

This is the Cradock Four Heritage Site in Port Elizabeth, close to Blue Water Bay where the Cradock Four were murdered by the Apartheid Government in 1985. Here I performed a poetic prose called PLANET EARTH (parts of it were aired on our National News, and it was expanded into a documentary on one of our TV channels where father was featured).


I love that poem so much because it is a guiding light to problems of the world. It poses questions, yet provides solutions. It deals with some of the causes of climate change and shows us how we can make small sustainable changes in our everyday lives. It seeks to heal the human spirit, elevate and unleash its potential. It's mission is to show that cooperation led by love is the only way that we will ever be able to make sure and everlasting change.


In South Africa the unemployment rate is very high. Poverty is also very high. Some people are deliberately deprived opportunities by people who don't like to see others succeed. People still practice nepotism and want wealth only for themselves. If anything, it will be corrupt leaders and jealous human beings who stifle the growth of this country, thus leading it down the drain, to its decay. You wonder why the crime rate is high. Well, stop depriving people opportunities that they deserve. Start treating people with love. Share, because there's enough for all. Lip service only causes disruption and death, where neither rich nor poor are safe. Its not TV appearances or fame that makes one great. If one doesn't have a noble character, no one will hear you or even see you, no matter how many times you are on any platform or appear on TV. Selflessness, and rendering a service, makes one great!  Authenticity makes one great.


We can begin to build this country, with the truest intention of building it, always guided by the GREATEST FORCE OF ALL TIMES: LOVE!

Thank You.