Babalwa Mhlauli

Lovelight flower Babalwa Circle

Lovelight2  Artworks exists not merely as a means for the Artist, Babalwa Mhlauli, to express her heartfelt emotions regarding the land of her birth, South Africa, its leaders and the troubled past and present times during which they have served their country, but also to provide a beacon of hope for the children she cares so deeply about.


Babalwa's mission is to share love, light and to celebrate the strength and resilience that is found in each and every human being despite their circumstances. Her uniqueness inspires all to focus on the light that is within, thus to share it through their God Given Talents. Children are valuable in her eyes and their ability to smile and shine under the worst of circumstances literally restores humanity in a world that is forever moving without pausing, slowing down and listening. Taking the time to give thanks while smelling the flowers, is what gives us peace, and brings us closer and closer to our purpose.


In her groundbreaking worldwide exhibition through television, captured in a story she produced, bought by major networks globally, Babalwa gives and shares her gifts with boundless energy, enthusiasm and pure joy! Dancing and performing poems such as Global Unification, Hope, The Cradle of Human Kindness and many others while talking about how every piece is created.


"The mission is LOVE! Work is so much easier in a harmonious environment and when you are fulfilling and honoring your purpose," she says.


Babalwa's studio is a spectacle of vivid colors, with walls covered in large, vibrant artworks. Paintings even spill from the walls onto the floors, so prolific is her creative output. No container can bound her energy and enthusiasm! Being with her for just a short while is enough to feel her infectious spirit of ebulliance!