Babalwa Mhlauli

Lovelight flower Babalwa


"One righteous will outclass 50 wicked!"


Inner peace

Prayer pervades the atmosphere

With frankinsence guiding

And aiding the soul


Your eyes

Are wells of endlessness

Leading one to depths of wisdom

You voice

Makes me sleep peacefully

Soothes me like a lullaby

Your knowledge is uncontested

Your presence

All I need

Much more than enough

The most perfect gift from God


No more war

No struggle

Just sovereign peace

All because of your own peace

Grandfather George Washington

Thank You for your love

Thank You for stretching out your hands in prayer

Thank You for stretching out your everlasting arms of love

To human kind for harmony

Thank You for your universal principles of love, courage, gentleness and wisdom

You make all of us feel so loved and special

You make me feel like

I'm in paradise with God's Angels

We are eternally grateful to God for creating you as the salt of the earth

The bright shining light to lead us always as you did with our forefathers

How humbling can the life of one be?

Glory be to the Sovereign God

For you beloved Christlike,

Morning Star


In 2006 as I have mentioned, I launched my very first exhibition in one of the high schools in the township out of my own pocket. I walked away from corrupt officials who were going to sponsor me. My conviction is deeply rooted in integrity and the belief that was articulated by the Lebanese poet Kahlil Gibran;

"Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!"


I invited scholars from my old private school, because I wanted to expose them to children who are less fortunate, this was an opportunity for Nation Building. We were blessed to have the Czech Republic Ambassador amongst us although he was very busy that day.


"Seek ye the Kingdom of God and his righteousness and all these things shall be added to you." Scripture


True to the Master's Words, my phone rings and I'm invited to be a Role Model for youth at an International Youth Peace Conference in Norway. Dealing with how young people cope under war torn Zones. I'm told I'll be meeting the King and Queen of Norway as well as address media. The organizer however ill treats me and I cancel everything. Why would a headliner cancel everything? I didn't become free from white minority rule in my country only to be made to feel like I'm living under apartheid once again. I am not under white domination nor am I under black domination nor am I inferior or superior to any human being. Love is my governor, peace my overseer, joy my guardian. However I meet a foreign student in Cape Town from Norway who apologized for the way in which that Proffessor treated me. This is the flame of goodness that is found in our humanity and common good. This flame will never be extinguished for love comes more naturally to the human heart than its opposite, in your words Khulu Mandela. I have great confidence that I will meet the Queen and King of Norway in the near future under humane, loving and peaceful circumstances, for the good of our nations and well being of humanity at large. I look forward to that day.


I come from a loving people and I look up to loving people all around the world. People like Judge George Bizos(grandfather Mandela's friend and lawyer during apartheid) who would take my call without having met me before, yet they would speak lovingly to me. They would inspire me, invite me to their homes. I'm still coming Judge Bizos. I'm told you have an amazing garden.


"Blessed is the land whose king is of noble birth and whose princes eat at a proper time-- for strength and not for drunkenness." Scripture


So who are these princes?

What is their creed?

What connects and attracts the one to the other?


They are noble and humble to the core of their beings.

They all shine in matters of love.

They are social workers at heart. Community organizers.

Community builders.

They are fountains of wisdom that  bubble  like brooks.

Their hearts overflow with loving kindness.

They are leaders of Ubuntu.

They are blessed and endowed by God Almighty with rare gifts that are more precious than silver and gold.


We learn from a document published by Congressional Research Institute for Social Work and Policy that;


"There is no way to explain people like Nelson Mandela, George Washington, Martin Luther King, Jr., Golda Meir, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Ghandhi, and Mother Teresa to name a few transcendent human beings.  They were moved by faith, by a sense of destiny, by what they believed was possible.  They knew that their lives were finite—that their time on Earth was limited, but they had a vision of accomplishments that would live on far beyond their time."


The writer continues;


"We can spend our time accumulating money and wealth and at the end of our existence see the sum of our lives measured by the one who “has the most toys” as Malcolm Forbes once summed up life experiences.  Or we can measure our lives by what we have done to make this planet a better place to live for our fellow human beings and for future generations.


I believe that is the heart and spirit of social work.  I believe most social workers enter the profession because they truly want to devote their lives to helping people who are struggling to make it.  Whether they struggle because of physical and mental disabilities, trauma-filled lives, making poor choices, or just plain bad luck—they deserve the opportunity to live a meaningful existence.  Social workers believe people who find themselves on the bottom of the heap should get a helping hand.  That is what Nelson Mandela brought to us and that is what he left us.  He did not go to the grave with his song in him; he left his song with us."


This is what's needed today in the world, especially in my beloved country South Africa, a country known to be suffering from a push down syndrome. A nation known to drag down anybody who works hard in order to achieve all that God has blessed them to achieve. People suffering from this disease are church leaders, politicians, human rights leaders, officials and many who talk, talk but never walk, ha ha ha! Fat lies!

I was very fortunate and privileged to have gone to the home of Grandpa Mandela in Qunu while he was still alive. The King of abaThembu welcomed me with warmth and so much love, he took me to King Jongontaba's palace where grandfather Mandela grew up after his father passed on. Here I would share my work with Miss Graca Machel who said she was asked by grandpa Mandela to attend since he couldn't attend the event. I was delighted to meet her, because I have always wanted to share my work with grandpa, because he will always be our beloved boss, our leader and the father of our nation. I will die singing praises to him to the glory of God. I also knew how delighted grandpa Mandela would be when he sees my work and he would have helped me. I've consistently shared my work with Archbishop Tutu before he and Mrs Tutu came to my home studio in 2006. Two of my masterpieces have been on his walls since 2006. Driving pass your home knowing that you there grandpa Mandela, gave me a feeling that I have never ever experienced. It was God's redemption.


I know many of you would like to contact me directly so please ask Archbishop Tutu and Ms Machel to give you my private cell number and email which are not on my website for security reasons. I'll be happy to hear from you.


“The pollution of the planet is only an outward reflection of an inner psychic pollution: millions of unconscious individuals not taking responsibility for their inner space.”

E. Tolle

So who's to inspire us Tolle?


At a press conference in South Africa, President Obama said;


“The struggle here for freedom, Madiba’s moral courage, this country’s historic transition to a free nation has been a personal inspiration to me, an inspiration to the world, and it continues to be."


He continued;


“Mandela shows what was possible when a priority is placed on human dignity, respect for law, that all people are treated equally,”


He concludes;


“And what Nelson Mandela also stood for is that the well-being of the country is more important than the interests of any one person, George Washington is admired because after two terms he said enough, I’m going back to being a citizen. There were no term limits, but he said I’m a citizen. I served my time. And it’s time for the next person, because that’s what democracy is about. And Mandela similarly was able to recognize that, despite how revered he was, that part of this transition process was greater than one person.”


It is written that George Washington;


"Served two terms as President. His first term (1789-1793) was occupied primarily with organizing the executive branch of the new government and establishing administrative procedures that would make it possible for the government to operate with the energy and efficiency he believed were essential to the republic's future. An astute judge of talent, he surrounded himself with the most able men in the new nation."


Mr President we see why you would site these maverick statesman as your role models. Your heart respects and honors humanity at large. You are all driven by the power of love, the greatest power of all! One can do all things, but without love its meaningless. We learn that you once said your granny;


"was just a very tough, sensible, no-nonsense person," and that she injected in you, "a lot of that very midwestern, sort of traditional sense of prudence and hard work,” even though “some of those values didn’t sort of manifest themselves until I got older.”


It is written that during an interview with Diane Sawyer you said,


"She never got a college education, but is one of the smartest people I know... She's where I get my practical streak. That part of me that's hardheaded, I get from her. She's tough as nails."

Granny was the first female Vice President at the Bank of Hawaii.

I also read that you said your iconic image of granny was seeing her come home from work and trading her business outfit and girdle for a muumuu, some slippers and a drink and a cigarette. Force of nature!


When describing George Washing, Thomas Jefferson says;


"His integrity was most pure, his justice the most inflexible I have ever known, no motive of interest or consanguinity, friendship, or hatred, being able to bias his decision. Washington set a standard for presidential integrity rarely met by his successors, although he established an ideal by which they all are judged."


And this is what makes the First President number one in the hearts of all loving people here and beyond. This is the reason his light continues to shine so brightly in our hearts.


It is written;

"Washington has long been viewed as the patron saint of secular government, but in Washington's God, Michael Novak and his daughter, Jana, reveal that it was Washington's strong faith in divine Providence that gave meaning and force to his monumental life. Narrowly escaping a British trap during the Battle of Brooklyn, Washington didn't credit his survival to courage or tactical expertise; he blamed himself for marching his men into certain doom and marveled at the Providence that delivered them. Throughout his career, Washington held fast to the conviction that America's liberty was dependent on our faithfulness to God's will and our trust in Providence.


Washington's God shows Washington not only as a man of resource, strength, and virtue, but also as a man with deeply held religious values. This new presentation of Washington-as a man whose religion guided his governance-will bring him into today's debates about the role of faith in government and will challenge everything we thought we knew about the inner life of the father of our country."


These leaders were sent for another reason too. They remind me of baby Jesus whom Simeon blessed a great deal, praising God, saying;


"Sovereign Lord, as you have promised,

You now dismiss your servant in peace.

For my eyes have seen your salvation,

Which you have prepared in the sight of all people,

A light for revelation to the Gentiles and for glory to your people Israel."


It is said that the parents of the child marvelled at what was said about him. Simeon blessed them and said to Mary, the child's mother;


"This child is destined to cause the falling and rising of many in Israel,

And to be a sign that is spoken against , so that the thoughts of many hearts will be revealed. And a sword will pierce your own soul too"


Places of government are in dire need of integrity, passion and prudence for the well being of their countries.


It goes without saying that all these great leaders were inspired by powerful women in their lives.


We learn that First Lady Martha Washington;

"Joined her husband in his winter quarters every year of the war. Together they entertained his officers and guests. A patriot in her own right, Mrs. Washington made it her war too, nursing sick and wounded soldiers and raising money for the troops. Needlework helped her to pass the time through the long, cold winters. In all, she would spend about half the war in camp."


I'm reminded of the work that Mrs Obama and Mrs Biden are doing to honor, enhance, empower and to enrich the lives of veterans and their families.


Not only is Mrs Obama the Mother of her Nation (U.S.A), she is the salt of the earth and the light of the world in order for God's salvation to be universal. First Lady Michelle, you are the cradle of human kindness.


"A woman who cradles a child rules the world." -Pastor Shirley Ceasor


Anyone who takes care of the well being of others, is mothering the future of her country, thus the entire world. Nothing could be greater, for what are nations without man power? What are nations when their people suffer from chronic diseases? Health Care will prove to be insufficient in any society that does not value a healthy lifestyle. This is the gift that future generations will embrace because of you First Lady.


You come in the spirit of your ancestors deeply rooted in the African continent. Lost are a people who don't know their roots(This reminds me of a poem I wrote while living in England, which is in my poetry CD recorded in Sweden!)You're a blessing from God Almighty First Lady. A well rounded mother empowered with Universal Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence, which resonates deeply with the pulse of humanity. You continue to support your husband, the most powerful President in the world, who's power lies in uniting nations like Grandpa Mandela.

Your mantra echoes;

"All is well with the devine order!"

Therefore, by virtue of your presence you restore that order peacefully.


"Of all the evils for which man has made himself responsible, none is so degrading, so shocking or so brutal as his abuse of the better half of humanity; the female sex." Gandhi


First Lady Washington naturally reminds me of Sojourner Truth and Harriet Tubman.


It is written;

"After the Civil War began in 1861, Tubman worked with the Union Army in South Carolina, Virginia, and Florida as a scout, spy, leader, and nurse. Known for her abilities as a healer and a caregiver, Tubman brought ill soldiers back to health, using herbal treatments she knew from growing up in the Maryland countryside, and drugs she had learned about from Edward Brodess’s stepbrother, a doctor who ran a pharmacy. To heal soldiers who were sick, and in some cases, dying, from dysentery, she treated them with a tea she brewed using herbs and roots with medicinal properties."


Frederick Douglas writes a heartfelt letter to Lieutenant Tubman;


In conversation with Nelson Mandela, grandfather is asked;

How come, after twenty-seven years, you caught up with the world so fast?


He responds;

"Well, I must say firstly, Mandela was the son of a Pondo princess. And then the mother of Mandela the princess ruled the southern part of Thembuland where the Matanzimas are now. We have women, we've had women, in Thembuland taking leading positions, ruling the country and the mother of Mandela was such a person. And there is an area where the Matanzimas are, when they see you they remember the stories about your grandfather Mandela."


May the grace of God remain in our hearts forever more.