Babalwa Mhlauli

Lovelight flower Babalwa

Healing and Inspirational



Hope, please, quench my thirst

Like water in the Kalahari Desert

The rushing water says, they haven’t heard

The screeching sounds of your empty vessel in a while


Where are you hope?


Your silence leaves me lifeless

Lonely and sad

Your presence makes my spirit radiate with energy

So full of life

Like the noonday sun


Engulf me

Let me dance with joy

Celebrate your majesty under the moon and the stars

Celebrate the eternal light of life


I believe you’ll quench my thirst for real

Like the spring waters of life

Elevating my soul to greater heights

Beyond boundaries of grains of sand

Contained in the hour glass

I believe you’ll quench my thirst

Sustain me through the storm when I can’t see the light


Still, I’ll be searching for you


Persevering with all the might in the world

To my destiny

My dreams


Passion burning me like fire

Desires of my heart



When I get there

I promise never to forget where I’m from

To appreciate

The here, the now

Perpetuating my evolution

Through changeable seasons


When there’s drought

I’ll walk through the valley of life relentlessly

Knowing you’ll strengthen me

To pray for the rain to come pouring down


Please, hope

Don’t ever leave me

I’m lifeless without you

I’m nothing without you

I don’t wanna leave without you

Not now!

Not ever!


Babalwa Mhlauli

The Poem entitled HOPE was performed by its author, Babalwa Mhlauli, in 2010 to honor of the birthday of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. at the United States Consulate General's home, as a token of gratitude on behalf of our ancestors, and for the amazing support that was received by South Africa from Dr. King and the American Community, during its darkest hour of oppression.