Babalwa Mhlauli

Lovelight flower Babalwa

Thank You Lord

for Answering My Prayers!

Dear First Lady Michelle, and President Obama.


Before I even knew you were coming to South Africa and two other countries in Africa, I prayed crying out to the Lord to show us mercy and favor as the youth of South Africa. In my deep seated belief in God ( crying)---i knew in that moment that all was well with my soul. I extended words of comfort in prayer to the neglected youth of this country and youth everywhere,  assuring them that God does not neglect nor does he forsake His inheritance. I actually gave this report to the late Mother of Our Nation, Granny Albetina Nontsikelelo(Blessing) Sisulu.


A heavenly prayer was called in heaven, a few days later you came. Not only did you treat us with love and kindness, you extended a helping hand, swung wide open doors that a select few wanted to keep shut, depriving millions, from sheer greed, cruelty, evil and an ungrateful heart for their ancestors who died so that future generations would never ever experience what they endured.


Times are a changing.


While I know that nothing changes over night, I do however know for sure that slowly but surely in its time all prevails. I know for sure that nothing can stand in the way of the anointed hour!


Thank You Mr President for blessing me with my deepest heart's desire. Your heart is in the right place, you see me and you see youth everywhere as your very own children, there is no greater gift than this, for this is truly the heart and mind of God.


I love you First Lady Michelle for being a great mother and dedicating yourself to being a great mother to your children and other people's children who's lives you have impacted in a magnificent way. I wanna dance with you the same way the kids taught you in that kindergarten, first time you were here. (Giggling)


What a gift.


Behold, children are God's greatest heritage. The fruit of the womb is a blessing.

Very few things matter in this world, love and connectedness will always be right at the top of the list.


Thank You So Much.

The spirit within me delivers this love letter to you with immediacy.


Love, Babalwa


Blessings and protection to you dear mother and father to so many who look up to you in the four corners of the earth.