Babalwa Mhlauli

Lovelight flower Babalwa


"Our greatest glory is not in never falling, but in rising every time we fall." - Confucius



The gift of peace

The gift of light

The gift of sunshine

The gift of harmony

The gift of love

The gift of wholesomeness


The gift of oneness

With Universal Intelligence

Nothing you learn at school

Rather God's way of BEING












The gift of Solomon

King of Justice

King of wisdom

King of gracefulness

Being able to restore

By mere virtue of BEING

Is a unique and special gift from God

From the Father who is

Who was

Who will always BE

Its withon you

And all around you

Our beloved African Prince

I Thank You

We Thank God for creating you


This is the gift of Khulu Madiba

Aren't we blessed to have encountered such a soul in our midst?

And I write this prayerful note to you

Two years after you planted our flag

At the South Pole

A gesture of honor and love and light as His spirit traveled home to be with God and "his army of angels"

Messengers of sweet love

And delightful surprises

And endless giggles

And why should this resonate with me?

It gives me wings to soar

Pure energy of love never fails


Some are mere speakers

They don't know how to be

But as Khulu Madiba told us

They can be taught love

Love comes more naturally

To the human spirit than its opposite


They don't know how to be

Because you can't fake BEING

But how can you BE

When you are engaged in evil ways?

All is revealed before the spirit of truth

You stand naked

And all can see you

For who you truly are!

Then who is trapped by their own evil?


The ways of God remain


Peace my brother

Peace my sister

Peace to all

Perhaps one day

You will know the truth

And the truth will set you free

For now if you choose to be caged by your evil

So be it

But you will not drag innocent lives

Into your filth, lies and schemes!!!

God is God

Most Supreme

Majestic above all

The Almighty of Truth and Justice

Revenge is his

Common Sense--- Karma


Praise and Glory be to God forever and ever.

Eternal love and protection to his beloved

Forever and ever



Revealed in Prince Harry's photo diary: the rhino that's met more royalty than you







Honourable President Thabo Mbeki (2012)


Dear Mr President


It feels like such a dream come true that finally I have been able to make the connection with you after trying and trying, but never despondent, because I knew for sure there would be a way. Last Friday my family was invited Emqhekezweni by the premier of the Eastern Cape, Ms Noxolo Kiviet to the official launch of the Heritage Site where President Nelson Mandela grew up. On our way back home I asked that we go visit gogo Ma Mbeki and it was such a blessing Mr President.


I had a chance to recite poetry for her and a chance to personally thank her for all the amazing and inspiring work she's doing for the community. I told her how much you inspired me Mr President when we met in Pretoria at the National Orders Award Ceremony. I remember coming to your table so overjoyed and I introduced myself and told you that I'm a Poet and an Artist, currently working on some art pieces and that when I'm done I'd like you to please help me exhibit my work. And I especially enjoyed telling you about Oom Gov (the president's father). We laughed and laughed and laughed endlessly. I was highly energetic, the event itself gave me so much energy. Seeing the short films about our forefathers was just so moving to me. And meeting you Mr President was just fantastic. Knowing that you love the arts and support the arts caused me to leap beyond my wildest dreams. Soon after we met I put together two exhibitions, one in Cape Town (funded by me) and one in the Eastern Cape. Both were in schools because my passion lies in uplifting, healing and inspiring our youth. In the Eastern Cape the teachers said they would incorporate everything I taught the children in their school curriculum. (This is exactly what I told Ms Graca Machel when I gave her my work to show you grandpa Mandela. I gave her my contacts too. No response.)


...I have had very little support, but I have been relentless in pursuing my dreams to the best of my ability, for greater good. (This is the desire of my forefathers for the land they sacrificed everything for. I'm privileged to have thrown my body, mind and soul to this task that I was commanded to do. I move forward with big smiles. My sacrifices are absolutely nothing compared to what they had to go through in order for us to be free today.)


Thank You for your time Mr President and thank you so much for serving us during a very difficult period of reconciling all South Africans and making sure that there is peace in the land.


May God bless you and your family


Yours sincerely

Babalwa Mhlauli



"Blessed is the land whose king is of


noble birth and whose princes eat at a proper time-- for strength and not for drunkenness." Scripture


So who are these princes?

What is their creed?

What connects and attracts the one to the other?


They are noble and humble to the core of their beings.

They all shine in matters of love.

They are social workers at heart. Community organizers.

Community builders.

They are fountains of wisdom that  bubble  like brooks.

Their hearts overflow with loving kindness.

They are leaders of Ubuntu.

They are blessed and endowed by God Almighty with rare gifts that are more precious than silver and gold.


We learn from a document published by Congressional Research Institute for Social Work and Policy that;


"There is no way to explain people like Nelson Mandela, George Washington, Martin Luther King, Jr., Golda Meir, Abraham Lincoln, Mahatma Ghandhi, and Mother Teresa to name a few transcendent human beings.  They were moved by faith, by a sense of destiny, by what they believed was possible.  They knew that their lives were finite—that their time on Earth was limited, but they had a vision of accomplishments that would live on far beyond their time."


The writer continues;


"We can spend our time accumulating money and wealth and at the end of our existence see the sum of our lives measured by the one who “has the most toys” as Malcolm Forbes once summed up life experiences.  Or we can measure our lives by what we have done to make this planet a better place to live for our fellow human beings and for future generations.


I believe that is the heart and spirit of social work.  I believe most social workers enter the profession because they truly want to devote their lives to helping people who are struggling to make it.  Whether they struggle because of physical and mental disabilities, trauma-filled lives, making poor choices, or just plain bad luck—they deserve the opportunity to live a meaningful existence.  Social workers believe people who find themselves on the bottom of the heap should get a helping hand.  That is what Nelson Mandela brought to us and that is what he left us.  He did not go to the grave with his song in him; he left his song with us."


This is what's needed today in the world, especially in my beloved country South Africa, a country known to be suffering from a push down syndrome. A nation known to drag down anybody who works hard in order to achieve all that God has blessed them to achieve. People suffering from this disease are church leaders, politicians, human rights leaders, officials and many who talk, talk but never walk, ha ha ha! Fat lies!

I was very fortunate and privileged to have gone to the home of Grandpa Mandela in Qunu while he was still alive. The King of abaThembu welcomed me with warmth and so much love, he took me to King Jongontaba's palace where grandfather Mandela grew up after his father passed on. Here I would share my work with Miss Graca Machel who said she was asked by grandpa Mandela to attend since he couldn't attend the event. I was delighted to meet her, because I have always wanted to share my work with grandpa, because he will always be our beloved boss, our leader and the father of our nation. I will die singing praises to him to the glory of God. I also knew how delighted grandpa Mandela would be when he sees my work and he would have helped me. I've consistently shared my work with Archbishop Tutu before he and Mrs Tutu came to my home studio in 2006. Two of my masterpieces have been on his walls since 2006. Driving pass your home knowing that you there grandpa Mandela, gave me a feeling that I have never ever experienced. It was God's redemption.


I know many of you would like to contact me directly so please ask Archbishop Tutu and Ms Machel to give you my private cell number and email which are not on my website for security reasons. I'll be happy to hear from you.


“The pollution of the planet is only an outward reflection of an inner psychic pollution: millions of unconscious individuals not taking responsibility for their inner space.”

E. Tolle

So who's to inspire us Tolle?




"...Granpa I have a gift for you. I want to share my Rugby World Cup Tourism Certificate with you. I was a tiny, winny, golden baby girl in 1995 during the World Cup, however I was determined to play my part. Love inspires me, because I grew up in a country that was ravaged by the evil system called apartheid. My home was always surrounded by heavily armed policemen who constantly terrorized us. So to me love is the only way. Peace is the only way,so there's got to be a different way of living this life, that all human beings can enjoy globally! This is the reason I come with passion and overflowing energy. My enthusiasm has always ushered me to participate in whatever was happening in my beloved country,which was enriching. I however never knew how significant that chapter was in the history of our country. I'm jumpy, jumpy and super excited even today as I write this love letter to you grandfather. The joy that we all felt when we won is super amazing! It was beyond winning the game, it was a moment of unity, looking in each other's eyes and realizing that we are;


"Much more alike than we differ!" In Maya Angelou's words


Blowing a million kisses your way grandpa. Mhhhh!!! How great is Our God!


Thank You Morgan Freeman and your team for telling our story so beautifully in the movie INVICTUS, thus sharing it with the entire world.


Pres Obama says;

"The arts and humanities aren't just there to be consumed when we need a free moment. We need them like medicine. They help us live."


As a poet, Invictus changed my life. To know that one's President cherished poetry that much is truly God's marvelous gift to my soul and spirit. The love you expressed for the Invictus Poem healed me grandpa. You officially declared me to be Poem ha ha ha, forever more.

I feel so blessed to have been afforded the opportunity to write this letter to you while you were still alive. I sent it to our former Deputy President to deliver it to you grandpa. Please read it to the Founding Father and First President of the Afican National Congress , John Langalibalele Dube. I know how much he'll love it.


Sent: Dec 20, 2012 12:48

Poem for Grandfather Mandela and family.


Dear Deputy President


I hope you are well and ready for all the exciting, wonderful and inspiring things that I believe you will be doing, perhaps your innermost dreams, thus fulfilling your heart's desire.


In october I met Ma Graca and I would like you to please send her this poem to grandfather Mandela and their entire family. In 2010 I had the privilege of reciting this poem in honor of Dr Martin Luther King at the Consulate General's home. I've always longed to recite it to Grandpa Mandela. He was my biggest inspiration when I wrote this poem. And when I read about how much he loved the poem called INVICTUS, I cried tears of joy.


HOPE ...