Babalwa Mhlauli

Lovelight flower Babalwa


"Awake, north wind,

And come, south wind!

Blow on my garden,

That its fragrance may spread abroad.

Let my lover come into his garden

And taste its choice fruits."

Song of songs



I think of thee


How awesome

Lovely and loving you are

How unpredictable things can be

Yet how perfect destiny intertwines

How we walk behind that bright everlasting light

Led from behind

Following the bright morning star

Guided by his angels all the time

Protected in all our ways

Our steps ordered all the time


How I think of thee

Your embrace, warm and bold

Protective and gentle

Your touch

Musical laced with the strings of

Bob Marley's guitar

Your kiss

Tender and sweet like candy

Your eyes deep and dreamy

Your gaze alert, penetrating my soul

Your body a picture of beauty

A Michael Angelo Sculpture


You soft to the core

Yet strong, cool and as commanding as you wish to be

What kind of love is this


Sacred and holy love

The kind that restores


Awakens and gives a chance

Leading one to experience

God's promise of a full and awesome life again

Regardless of what has happened in the past

Mindful of the past

Yet fully awake in the present moment


Your spirit entices me

Your gentleness makes me wanna stare long, soft, hard and endlessly

Yet at times I wanna hide

And play pick a' boo

And look endlessly as I wish

Without being shy


You my beauty

My sunshine on rainy, cold days

The reason I love, laugh and smile

The reason i dance,

The reason

I skip about like an overjoyed lamb

I love your hair

I wanna run my hand through your soft hair

I wanna kiss your eyes

I wanna look at your smiley smiley face

And kiss the twinkle in your eyes

Ha ha ha!!!

Ohhhhh this poem's so fabulous it makes my soul burst with pure delight



I love being me

In my Sophia Lauren Lace under garments

And gorgeous high heels

I love looking me in the mirror,

Just parading and modeling for you

All for you

Dim lights

Bright lights

However you like 'em

Your call

Your show

Your Private show


The private dancer(ha!)

Because you inspire the essence

Of that poetic dance in me

Its highs and lows

The throes of its majestic highs

And the softness of

Its tender love

Perhaps you may like to sit and watch your private dancer

Turn this way

Turn that way

Leg up in the air

Head almost touching the floor

Perhaps a 360 degrees slow and quick spin around the pole

Your show

However you like

Your wish

My command


Then we'll take it nice and slow

And slow down

To the gentle end

Of the ending show

The gentle end of the ending dance

The gentle end of the ending song


I dance

"Because I am like an olive tree growing in the house of God;

I trust in his constant love for ever and ever.

I will always thank you, God,

For what you have done;

In the presence of your people

I will proclaim that you are good."


Glory be to you forever more dear God!