Babalwa Mhlauli

Lovelight flower Babalwa


Circle IMG_2328 A FINAL  E Baba Art Khulu smile

Had it not been for your visits, wonderful letters and your love, I would have fallen apart many years ago.


I embrace her with all the love and affection I have nursed for her inside and outside prison from the moment I first met her.


My love for her remains undiminished.

Khulu Madiba

Letters to Ma Winnie

Vredenburg-20170709-01379 anniversary khulu queen today it rains Crane Winnie2

For security reasons, I can't add my contact details here. However if you urgently need to be in touch with me, please leave a brief message on this cell number +27722664193 --preferably via sms, stating your name, number and place of work. I'll respond soon as I can.


Winnie3 Winnie-new

Anna Wintour I was going to save this photograph, but since I spoke to you today I just thought, why wait?


Babalwa Mhlauli


Anna Wintour and her daughter


Don't worry Bee. I love your name. Maybe this story will convince mom to come to Cape Town for african fashion inspiration and much much more.


Mom please call the Mayor of Cape Town Patricia De Lille for my contact details.


Mayer its very easy for you to get my contacts, extremely easy. I only give my contact details to certain people for security reasons. You went to the memorial service of Ace Mgxashe. His wife will give it to you with pleasure, should someone need it urgently.


We welcome everyone in this country,


because we love art, culture, diversity thus peace and reconciliation through social cohesion. I'm a treasure in this country, so it shouldn't come as a shock that people will ask for me. Make this happen for the good of humanity. This is the WILL of GOD! To go against it, is a gross humans rights violation! A crime against humanity! And you must stop lying declaring to the world about how you love Madiba when you are evil and worse than Hitler!!! Because you are depriving people the very medicine of joy, sunshine and happiness that they need for their well being.


I'm sunshine, joy, happiness. Are you jealous? That's so damn evil!!! You sick sick sick!!! So people must suffer because of your witchcraft? Grosteque!!! Justice will be served! Its not a threat, its the way of Mother Earth! Justice never ever fails!