Babalwa Mhlauli

Lovelight flower Babalwa

African Royalty

My Granny May, Granpa Jim and Grandfather Mandela


Stillness finds one at the right time. Preparing one's transcendence in this life as an otherworldly vessel of order and peace. It is a state of being not in so many words, rather FEELING and BEING. This is a state where all is as it was ordained to be. Where there is no this or that just,




Strife gone!


Dis ease, gone!


This is the state of LOVE!

Love for self thus others.


Grandfather Mandela you say you had all that time in jail to think about putting the TRC structure together. Well, when I was about 12 years old, I started speaking my testimony to myself. Almost like I was reciting something. I didn't know why but I knew it was fundamental and indeed I spoke those words age19 in front of the world, with my grandfather Jim watching me on tv.


My granny's name for me was Nzwakazi which means Princess. My family always says, (she's like Ma). There just could be no higher complement. My granny was a spiritual being and in her spirit I drank deeply. My grandfather was like a walking stick to everyone. Family friends, strangers and children. You could lean on him and feel so safe and secured all the time like one could lean on grandfather Walter Sisulu and many others. There couldn't be more loving human beings that I have been so blessed to share my life with and to encounter even for a short while. And I'm eternally grateful to my parents for raising me up as well as my grandparents who taught me the value of love, humility and kindness.


Thank You wonderful grandparents who mothered and fathered countless souls.


Because of you Sweet Royals,

We are!


We honor you deeply and we salute you.




"The measure of anyone's freedom is what they can do without!"

Unknown writer




It is when one faces overwhelming grief

When one is in need


That we hear a devine voice, proclaiming;


"He sent me to name them

'Good Trees' and

The Lord's Wonderful Plant.

To all who mourn in Israel he will give

Beauty for ashes;

Joy instead of mourning;

Praise instead of heaviness.

Just when one feels indescribable anguish

God says

In the nick of time

I have heard you

I have helped you

I have healed you


Just when one feels they have achieved all they ever dreamt of

But its not fulfilling

One realizes there is no end to the very thing that one is called to do

That all these achievements are meaningless without doing the very thing one was created to do

All these things are meaningless if one hasn't lived life from the core.


And perhaps

It is when you've lost it all

That you find again

It is when you've given up

That you restored to life again

Is life really about seeking, finding, asking?

Or is there something deeper that accompanies these biblical sayings

Ask you shall be given

Knock the door will open

Seek you shall find

I've come to realize that the true activator to all things noble and good and loving

Lies in surrendering, because while you were praying He heard you

He was always willing to help

The question is

How deeply do you believe

Do you feel the internal calmness and peace in what you desire?

Seek your happiness in the Lord and He will bless you with the desires of your heart! Psalms


Gratitude always elevates

Only the grateful march forth in the midst of death

For even death can be a gift that offers us another great chance effortlessly

Achieving much

Without doing much

Through the gift of presence and

The Power of Intention


All of life speaks

All of life is a marvelous gift

That is sacred and honorable

The minute we dehumanize each other and all of creation

Chaos is born

Karma is thus risen to rectify all that's done wrong

The ultimate is achieved

Life is master at organizing itself perfectly well

All we need do

Is Flow in the grand scheme of things

This gives us peace of mind

Because we know that whatever's happening in our lives and all around us

We know we can trust in the ultimate the ultimate to see us through

His all encompassing majestic ways Omnipotence, light and endless love


Live your truth

Live beautifully


The defining difference

Between the haves and the have nots      Is strength and health

Strength and health comes from God

And if God is not in the plans

The plans of man are useless

And there's absolutely nothing the haves and the have nots can do without strength, love and well being

So be kind


Live for love

For without love you nothing

And you destroyed


There's enough for everybody in the world

Serve human kind so that all may be well with you.

Perhaps Dr King articulates this truth in ways that speaks clearly to the heart;


"Not everybody can be famous but everybody can be great, because greatness is determined by service."


Thank You

May the grace of God be within us!